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I love Josh's music and have been to hear him sing live a few times now: First at Sonic Bloom (Toronto) and Tanglewood (both in the spring/summer of 2003), then at two of his winter tour stops: Montreal and Ottawa and during the summer tour in Saratoga Springs NY. I saw him again at Tanglewood in August 2005 where he totally rocked (as always)! The highlight for me was waiting by his bus after the Ottawa concert (Feb. 22, 2004) and finally getting to MEET JOSH! Josh has been an inspiration to me since I first heard his debut CD. "Let Me Fall" inspired me to find the courage that lay untapped within me. I began the process of applying to graduate school because of that song. ("There's a moment when fear and dream must collide.") Then, as I got close to completing the application and fears welled up again, Closer was released and again, this time with "Never Let Go," Josh moved me forward with newfound courage. ("Hold on to what brought you here and don't let it go, never let go!") After being accepted into the Speech Language Pathology Program at McGill University in Montreal, I found out why I had been so anxious about grad school! It's a very demanding program, so at the end of the first term, I really needed some more encouragement from Josh. You guessed it...he came through! "You have everything you need, if you just BELIEVE." Now when fear comes over me like a wave, I know that I can find the courage within simply by listening to Josh! When Josh sings, fears recede like a tide and courage is exposed upon the shores of my soul. His music encouraged me all the way through grad school and helped me to know I could do it! I'm sure it will continue to have a big impact as I embark on my new career! I can't believe grad school is finished. It flew by. So, "Thanks Josh!" for all that wonderful inspiration, and thanks also to my Grobanite friends for your encouragement and support! Big hugs to all of you!

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Speech Language Pathologist

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